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For Yuletide I got insanely lucky: I received two stories in the main collection and a gift in Madness as well.

The two stories in the main collection are both Velgarth stories, about Tarma and Kethry. All I really wanted in this fandom was Tarma and Kethry being awesome, and I got this twice. I got Tarma and Kethry being awesome in a quieter moment, and Tarma and Kethry on a case.

a lingering season (2015 words) by inlovewithnight
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tarma shena Tale'sedrin, Kethry (Valdemar)
Additional Tags: Horses, Partnership

In their mercenary days, Tarma and Kethry take a job watching over a herd wintering in the mountains, waiting for spring foaling.

Self-Reliance (2545 words) by russian_blue
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey, Vows and Honor - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Tarma shena Tale'sedrin, Kethry (Valdemar), Warrl
Additional Tags: Case Fic, allusion to offstage child harm, magic going wrong, Misses Clause Challenge

After a creature in the Pelagirs curses Kethry's magic, she and Tarma have to take a great risk to rescue three kidnapped children.

For Madness I got a Sense8 double-drabble, focusing on Sun. GO SUN. This is even more awesome after watching the Christmas special.

Righting a Wrong (200 words) by Sarren
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sense8 (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Nomi Marks, Sun Bak, Soo-Jin (Sense8)

Nomi helps Sun help her friend.

I wrote in Alliance-Union for Yuletide this year.

Judgment Call (1638 words) by sprocket
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Alliance-Union - C. J. Cherryh
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Allison Reilly, Sandor Kreja

What's worked for eight years might need some review.

I'm happy with the narrative voice, and I had fun putting in bits of canon, but the actual story I think sounds like everything else I've ever tried to write. Getting the story to gel was surprisingly tough, and I kept tweaking until pretty much the last moment. One of my 2017 goals has to be to push harder to write more fic, and put more variety in it.
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I wrote The Adventure of the Sanguine Client for sandyk.
Fandoms: Elementary (TV), Fringe
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham
Characters: Olivia Dunham, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Bishop
Additional Tags: Crossover

Summary: Olivia might be able to order Watson out, but if Peter's assessment of Holmes held true, she would have more luck clocking him over the head and dragging him to an elevator than using her words.

I posted my original crossovering story, took a cold hard look at it, and said, "...no." Two and a half days later the first draft of "The Adventure of the Sanguine Client" was done. My wrists and I do not recommend this strategy.

Elementary and Fringe are a very natural crossover: procedural dramas with a New York connection in roughly the same time frame. Elementary plays with a variation of the old Law and Order format, filing the serial numbers off contemporary issues before weaving them into a case. A subset of these are more technical than L&O: cybersecurity and the erosion of digital privacy, designer drugs, P versus NP*. That angle is a great lead for something Fringe-ish leaking over into Elementary.

*For those who find this relevant to their interests: 2x02 "Solve For X". There's not a lot of math, but there's a lot of criminal mathematicians.
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Hey look, I finished a thing!

Adjunct Talent (1951 words) by sprocket
Chapters: 1/1
Fandoms: Fringe, Young Wizards
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Astrid Farnsworth, Nita Callahan
Additional Tags: Episode Tag, Female Friendship, Crossover
Summary: Astrid's weekend New York plans don't always stay in New York. )

"I speak five languages, but I don’t speak Walter." - Astrid Farnsworth

In the best spirit of both sources, timelines and ages have been fudged to produce a more entertaining story. New Millennium Editions, what NMEs? Explicit references to elements of 1x04 “The Arrival”, Wizard’s Holiday, and Wizards at War. Thanks to [personal profile] raspberryhunter and [profile] kerithywn for beta-reading!

WiP Meme

Jan. 31st, 2015 04:36 pm
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Only a week after everyone else! Lines from 3 WiPs. Find the common element, it's... not that hard.

1.) Fringe Sedoretu fusion, double drabble excerpt )

2.) Adjunct Talent (Fringe / YW crossover) )

3.) The Amber Job (Fringe / Leverage, redverse, drabble excerpt) )

And then there's "A Redder Shade of You", which is stalled on my inability to figure out how to get from 4x01 to 4x17 without a lot of artistic license, or Lincoln catching an idiot-ball.
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Overall, an acceptable fannish 2014: I participated in a few exchanges, and fell hard for Fringe in the middle of the year. In light of the low cumulative word count, I'm skipping the memes, for now.

It's worth noting that I am still very pleased with "What Is Dark Within Me, Illuminate" (Babylon 5, Timov, 2,666 words), and "The Knight of Gilded Gingerbread and the Butterfly" (The Perilous Gard, Alicia Sutton and Christopher Heron, 1,665 words). Both got in, did their thing, and got out. Timov was a joy to write, as was writing in the fandom of my heart. Alicia was a different joy to write, one rather less prickly and, well, a little more featherbrained. I adore The Perilous Gard, so snapping up a pinch hit for this canon was also a lot of fun.

"Run This Town" (Fringe, redverse, ~8,000 words) was a delight, in entirely different ways. I learned a bit about long-form plotting, and how to assess whether your story might be longer than your first estimates. The initial outline started with four or five bullet-points and hit about 1.5 of them before I decided more words weren't getting to more closure. 8k isn't the end of my feelings about mid-to-late s4, who knew.

My favorite fannish accomplishment of the year was to drag other people into watching Fringe. I am super excited about getting two of my fannish friends into season three. It's got the other side and tons of Olivia and case episodes like "Amber 31422". Plus, there's "Marionette" for breaking our hearts and "6B" for the Olivia/Peter blueverse shippers and "Bloodline" for the Olivia/Lincoln redverse shippers* and "The Firefly" for Walter and "Concentrate and Ask Again" for the Olivia/Competence fans and I could go on for much longer, really, about all the things to like about S3.

*I can see how not everyone might get that out of "Bloodlines". But - staying vague, to avoid spoilers - given what I have to work with, I'm okay with my interpretation of canon.

For 2015, the plan is to write all the fic. Rarewomen. Maybe Crossovering. Maybe Jukebox. And oh, there's NPT! There's also Trickortreat. Yuletide. And a ton of Fringe.

Currently active in the WiP folder:
"A Redder Shade of You", the "Run this Town" prequel. There's about 3k written, but it feels like a false start; for one thing, every time I try to write this, words get added at the beginning, backing into S4, not at the end, reaching toward Run.

"Adjunct Talent", Fringe/Young Wizards, about 2k, in beta. These two canons take similar themes and run in different directions, so they're a lot of fun to smash together.

The possible sequel, "Fear Death By Water", is technically not in the works at the moment, beyond very early outlining. The plot is likely to be driven by my suspicion any self-respecting wizard who finds the ZFT manifesto is going to make noises about recognizing Someone's handiwork.
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I pulled [personal profile] elfin in this year's [community profile] fringe_exchange. Her prompt was:

Things I'd like: In general, I like super-smutty porn just as well as fluffy gen, and everything in between. I have a great fondness for characters being enthusiastic about their kinks. I like pairs, threesomes and moresomes all equally.

Specifically, I loved the adult Etta we saw in season 5 and a story about her would be amazing, whether it. Alt-Olivia/alt-Lincoln always makes me smile, as does alt-Olivia/alt-Charlie, and alt-Olivia/alt-Lincoln/alt-Charlie. Really, I just love alt-Olivia in all her snarky glory, whether paired with another character or not. Also, I love Olivia - character study, missing scene, anything. She's the best.

Things I wouldn't like: negativity toward alt-Olivia

And thought, I can do something with that.

8,200 words in the altverse later, this is that thing. Spoilers through 4x20 "Worlds Apart". Huge thanks to [personal profile] kerithwyn for telling me what didn't work, notating my more creative grammatical inventions, and making happy noises in the margins. Any flaws that remain (and I can see several) are all mine.

Title: Run This Town
Warnings: none
Characters: Redverse Olivia Dunham, Redverse Charlie Francis, Blueverse Lincoln Lee, Mona Foster, Redverse Walter Bishop, OCs
Summary: Can't be scared when it goes down / Got a problem, tell me now / Only thing that's on my mind / Is who’s going to run this town tonight )


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