Sep. 12th, 2015

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I wrote The Adventure of the Sanguine Client for sandyk.
Fandoms: Elementary (TV), Fringe
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham
Characters: Olivia Dunham, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Peter Bishop
Additional Tags: Crossover

Summary: Olivia might be able to order Watson out, but if Peter's assessment of Holmes held true, she would have more luck clocking him over the head and dragging him to an elevator than using her words.

I posted my original crossovering story, took a cold hard look at it, and said, "" Two and a half days later the first draft of "The Adventure of the Sanguine Client" was done. My wrists and I do not recommend this strategy.

Elementary and Fringe are a very natural crossover: procedural dramas with a New York connection in roughly the same time frame. Elementary plays with a variation of the old Law and Order format, filing the serial numbers off contemporary issues before weaving them into a case. A subset of these are more technical than L&O: cybersecurity and the erosion of digital privacy, designer drugs, P versus NP*. That angle is a great lead for something Fringe-ish leaking over into Elementary.

*For those who find this relevant to their interests: 2x02 "Solve For X". There's not a lot of math, but there's a lot of criminal mathematicians.


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