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Going to the movies is becoming a family holiday tradition. Last winter there was a mass outing to TFA. This winter we had made plans to see Rogue One, before the news about Carrie Fisher's passing broke. And then we went to Rogue One anyway, and while people's gifsets had hinted at spoilers, I had no idea what I was getting into.

I also watched the Sense8 Christmas special. I like Sense8, but it's kind of an adorable hot mess. (The women's center? Really? That... isn't the spot I'd pick for a hideout.) And also very bad at writing Riley.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate, happy Yuletide to those who fic, and see you all in 2017.
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Interstellar: leaving aside the science quibbles, I would like this movie much more if Cooper or whatshisname the old scientist guy were genderflipped. It takes away a bit of my irritation with the scene where Murphy dismisses her honors for a lifetime of hard work on space travel as "only because I had your help, dad!" It didn't feel like Team Science, it felt like misattribution of credit. Also, I dislike Spielberg's the Spielberg-like manipulation of my feelings. IT'S SAD I GET IT OKAY. ANNE HATHAWAY SHOULD BE THE PARENT, NOT MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. EVEN IF MCCONAUGHEY GIVES ME CONTACT FEELS.

Instead I've been watching The Good Wife, which for many years I avoided because of the title. My mistake! It's political maneuvering, with shades of gray, but unlike House of Cards, I'm invested in the characters.

Blithering about characters, up to about S4. )

I kind of want to do Five People Alicia Florrick Didn't Sleep With (But Perhaps Should Have), but I also... don't? Because more sex doesn't actually solve any of Alicia's problems. What might solve some of Alicia's problems is a social structure that lets her have her political husband and her handsome if feckless lawyer boyfriend on the side, but it doesn't work that way, does it.

It would also be a lot of fun if there were a West Wing crossover, because CJ and Diane would slay me.
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I defaulted on Yuletide. I... don't feel great about that.

But I still received a gift. The Flower of Tisarwat is (Imperial Radch, gen, 1461 words) is Tisarwat in the aftermath of Anaander Mianaai's meddling, with poetry as a coping device. Go, read it!

I've also seen the new Star Wars movie. Twice. There is literally nothing I could say that has not already been said.

Because... history has its eyes on you. )
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It was always doomed to failure, but I was going to avoid investment in the new Star Wars movie as long as possible. Really. I'm still a little bitter about Star Trek: Into Darkness. A little. Okay, more than a little.

However. If there was a franchise Abrams was born to direct, it's Star Wars. Star Wars has all the things Abrams tried to cram into Star Trek that didn't fit with that franchise. And Olivia Dunham basically is a Jedi Knight.

And then someone crossed the steams. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote cantina music for The Force Awakens.

That's it, there goes my detachment. And also Saturday afternoon.

Plot bunnies, free to good home:

For reasons which were rapidly becoming clear, aliens had kidnapped Philip Broyles. Broyles is an Anaander Mianaai! Fringe/Imperial Radch, crackfic, with a suspicious trace of Jupiter Ascending. If memorial pins are made, Walter's is an enameled white tulip.

Steven Universe / Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin goes to the beach (under protest). Calvin, Steven, Connie, Hobbes and Lion have an adventure. Calvin admits the beach might not be so bad.
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So Thor 2 happened. )

This was less engaging than I had hoped; I wanted Natalie Portman to have a huge role of awesome, but it was not to be. And despite Hemsworth's, Eccleston's, and Akinnuoye-Agbaje's best efforts, I could not get all that invested in the bang-pow plot the writers didn't seem all that excited about.

It surprises me when people leave the theater before the end of the movie credits, but (a) some people don't care about the end of scene credits, (b) other have other plans, (c) already saw a camrip on YouTube / tumblr gifsets.
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It has come to my attention there is at least one Peter Chen movie where the compromised and conflicted lawman allies with the reformed convict, with bonus faked deaths and proclaiming, "and after your fake death I will bring you to justice (though I may have mixed feelings because of my own dark past)."

This might be called relevant to my interests, yes?
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Somewhat delayed, I have seen Whedon's Much Ado. Keeping in mind I am one of those Americans, whose Shakespeare started and stopped in high school english, I enjoyed it as Shakespeare and as Whedon-actor-spotting. There was some confusion when Conrad appeared, as Riki Lindhome's and Beth Riesgraf's flat-iron-blonde looks are similar enough to confuse me into asking how Parker got into this movie.
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A most excellent fangirl Saturday night: Sherlock Holmes (damn, Jude Law, you nearly out-hotted RDJ! How did that happen?) and The Cherryh Odyssey. SH '09 is definitely not your mother's Holmes, but it entertained me for two hours, and I would not be adverse to watching a sequel
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