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[community profile] intoabar: Done. This isn't my favorite piece ever, but it's done and not defaulted.

I really want to clear out some pieces from the WiP folder. In the interests of the conversion from dithering to words, I am setting some arbitrary deadlines and opening an incomplete draft from the Fringe folder. Let's see how this goes.

BTW, how are the trendsetters getting from DVD to animated gif these days? I have VLC player and Adobe Creative Suite 5 on hand, but I'm not limited to those options.
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[community profile] rarelywritten (1,000 words): The first draft is done and out to beta, far closer to deadline than I'd like. Either it's pretty good or a hot mess, at this point I sincerely can't tell. (It needs makeouts, my ridiculous teenager-brain whispers. Spoken like someone who didn't have to do the grown-up work of getting these people in the same room.)

Speaking of getting people into a room: [community profile] intoabar (500 words): with the RW fic in "cool off" mode, canon review is clearly in order.
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An outbreak of Real Life has done nothing good for my productivity.

[community profile] rarelywritten (1,000 words): ...huh. This is either an almost complete first draft or so wildly OOC it can't be salvaged. I'm going with Option A for now.

[community profile] intoabar (500 words): I'm not looking at this until after the RW default deadline. Which is Friday, so.

While not writing, I watched the second season of Orphan Black. Finished all of The Wire a while back, and I'm up to date on Elementary. Despite myself, I can't tear my eyes from the Hugos. Every time I think puppygate is settling down, someone kicks over another rock.

What are people watching these days? I was about to start catching up with AtLA and Korra, but Amazon instant video isn't playing nicely with my laptop this week.
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[community profile] rarelywritten (1,000 words): 2,000 words, non-sequential. At the "tear things up and rearrange" stage. Or possibly the "lock Character A and Character B in an elevator" stage.

[community profile] intoabar (500 words): Your assignment is:

Nina Sharp goes into a bar and meets... Trevor Slattery (Iron Man 1-3)!

I'm going to sit with this one for a few minutes. Bars are Trevor's natural habitat... this might be, Trevor walks into a bar, and Nina blames Sam Weiss. Hmmm.
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[community profile] rarelywritten (1,000 words): Word count achieved! 1,100 mostly sequential words unlocked. Soaking in unrelated very long novels may not have been the best prep for writing a fic that has a deadline.

[community profile] intoabar (500 words): After hitting RW word count, I slipped and fell into a sign-up. Signups close on April 5th, prompts go out on or after the 8th.


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