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[community profile] rarelywritten (1,000 words): The first draft is done and out to beta, far closer to deadline than I'd like. Either it's pretty good or a hot mess, at this point I sincerely can't tell. (It needs makeouts, my ridiculous teenager-brain whispers. Spoken like someone who didn't have to do the grown-up work of getting these people in the same room.)

Speaking of getting people into a room: [community profile] intoabar (500 words): with the RW fic in "cool off" mode, canon review is clearly in order.
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I pulled [personal profile] elfin in this year's [community profile] fringe_exchange. Her prompt was:

Things I'd like: In general, I like super-smutty porn just as well as fluffy gen, and everything in between. I have a great fondness for characters being enthusiastic about their kinks. I like pairs, threesomes and moresomes all equally.

Specifically, I loved the adult Etta we saw in season 5 and a story about her would be amazing, whether it. Alt-Olivia/alt-Lincoln always makes me smile, as does alt-Olivia/alt-Charlie, and alt-Olivia/alt-Lincoln/alt-Charlie. Really, I just love alt-Olivia in all her snarky glory, whether paired with another character or not. Also, I love Olivia - character study, missing scene, anything. She's the best.

Things I wouldn't like: negativity toward alt-Olivia

And thought, I can do something with that.

8,200 words in the altverse later, this is that thing. Spoilers through 4x20 "Worlds Apart". Huge thanks to [personal profile] kerithwyn for telling me what didn't work, notating my more creative grammatical inventions, and making happy noises in the margins. Any flaws that remain (and I can see several) are all mine.

Title: Run This Town
Warnings: none
Characters: Redverse Olivia Dunham, Redverse Charlie Francis, Blueverse Lincoln Lee, Mona Foster, Redverse Walter Bishop, OCs
Summary: Can't be scared when it goes down / Got a problem, tell me now / Only thing that's on my mind / Is who’s going to run this town tonight )
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[community profile] fringe_exchange: I got a Fringe/Pacific Rim crossover, "Cortexiphan Alpha was the name of the Jaeger once" which sweetly and precisely fitted my request for Olivia, Etta, and a Jaeger.

[community profile] yuletide (1,000 words): the time has come to open Written? Kitten! and a vein. There's a notable lack of prompt-appropriate stories in me this month, but I'm going to try to pull one off regardless.

In that vein, I'm trying to not to be seduced by the possibilities of titling a Fringe/YW crossover "Fear Death by Water". (Two words: Reiden Lake.) Nothing like a deadline to make anything else look like a great idea.
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[community profile] fringe_exchange (650 words): if this is what writing shameless idfic feels like, I understand why people love to do it. The character voices and themes aren't quite as polished as I'd like, but I still have the long weekend to poke at it.

[community profile] yuletide (1,000 words): is it too early to cry bears? I think not.
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[profile] trickortreatx: waiting on reveals!

[community profile] fringe_exchange (750 words): 1440 words, some even in sequential order. Three steps forward, two steps back, a step over here, a step over there...

[community profile] yuletide (1,000 words): assignments are out! I have an idea for mine, though there will be a moment where people go, Oh it's you. Hopefully disguised in the noise of the canon's Oh it's you issues.
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[community profile] trickortreatex (300 words): first draft completed. Hooray for low word count exchanges! I'm excited to think this might get done early. I'm not thinking too hard about pinching or treating (in the traditional sense of exchange treats) until the primary story is posted.

[community profile] fringe_exchange (750 words): 100 words! Noodling with more words! The story idea is in line with my recip's likes (I hope).

On the sidelines, there are three really compelling plot bunnies that are going to wait their turn.

[community profile] yuletide (1,000 words): the tagset is up!. Can it be signups now? In a new twist, there's fandoms I am even more excited about offering than about requesting, a first for me.


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