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So I watched all three parts of the SGU premier of my own free will. I have to say, I would totally write the fic where they get back to Earth and Chloe uses her parent's political connections to engineer an inquiry into Dr. Rush's security clearance. Needless to say, this turns into an extralegal loyalty board and witch-hunt for Rush's head. The archival footage from the kinos and Icarus Base, as well as testimony from the Destiny - one can hardly call them crew - would destroy Rush in cross-examination.

Wow. When you're stealing plots from Lewis Strauss, maybe it's time to quietly drop this show.

If I were writing SGU, I'd tell a story about 70-odd people, thrown together by circumstance, on a translight ship they don't really control, whose only connection to Earth (communication stones) only works a couple of times before the hardware clunks out. Rush? Evil. Or maybe an alien using the Destiny to get home. The ship? Broken. The entire season would be A-plots where the Earthies have to McGuyver a fix for whatever is breaking this week (life support, power plant, food supply, clothes, medical reserves, people, relationships: the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!) with character development B-plots and the occasional run-in with an advanced alien civilization that might like a crack at Destiny themselves. Think Farscape, with less Scorpius and more Mr. Wizard. (Putting the "science" back in S.F.!) A group of people that eventually becomes a community, educates itself until everyone can read Ancient, knows five ways to duct-tape Ancient equipment into not killing them slowly, and has a very clannish ethical code as Destiny's FTL rips them in and out of local Stargate networks. A series with tons of bottle episodes, at least in S1.

This is almost certainly not the show Mallozzi et al are writing. So far, we have: weepy women, stoic white guys, crazy black men, some backstory I don't find all that interesting and people waving guns and handing Eli a gun with no safety training. Not even, "only point this at people you intend to kill." It would be so cool if they did the show I want, but I don't think it's in the cards. John Rogers, Leverage writer and blogger, scored mega points with me when he said, "Spec-monkeys: Research is fun and people want to tell you all about the fiddly bits of their profession. Don't skimp. I don't feel that the SGU producers and writers take that attitude, and that's a shame. My TV fun is make or broken on the fiddly details. And SGU is going in the "skip" pile because it'll break my heart with its careless attitude toward the fiddly and not-so-fiddly bits.

So obviously I must use my Farscape icon. I mean - that Lt. Scott fellow, a baby John Crichton. Think about it.


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