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I got home at 8:30 last night and at 8:40 my seriously unfannish roommate said, "do you want to go see the new Harry Potter movie?" So we went to a 10-ish showing. Somewhere in there she confessed she really had to see it tonight because her long distance romantic interest was seeing it Friday night and wanted to synch up. (I say "boyfriend", and she says, "he's not my boyfriend" while fondling his dog tags, which she hasn't taken off since he gave them to her. It's kind of adorable.)

She liked it, more than I did: I still think the HP6 climax makes no sense, and the answer to evil, superpowered wizards is more wizards, not drinking killer potions, but then, I was shipping Snape/Lily (in a totally "he was crushing on liek whoa, Y/N?" way) from about 2002. So I am not the target audience. As a movie adaptation, it did okay, but I still think the entire lake-dying-HORRIBLE AVADA KEDAVRA DEATH... thing... was really inexplicable and not particularly well plotted. But it was very pretty on the big screen.

The important part, for me, were the many, many trailers, including a Sherlock Holmes trailer I hadn't seen yet. I had not planned to see SH in theaters until I saw the first trailer and said, "wait, isn't that RDJr?" and upgraded my plans from redbox to matinee showing. Apparently I subscribe to the "crazy = hot" school? This doesn't bode well for my dating future.


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