Jan. 2nd, 2015

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Overall, an acceptable fannish 2014: I participated in a few exchanges, and fell hard for Fringe in the middle of the year. In light of the low cumulative word count, I'm skipping the memes, for now.

It's worth noting that I am still very pleased with "What Is Dark Within Me, Illuminate" (Babylon 5, Timov, 2,666 words), and "The Knight of Gilded Gingerbread and the Butterfly" (The Perilous Gard, Alicia Sutton and Christopher Heron, 1,665 words). Both got in, did their thing, and got out. Timov was a joy to write, as was writing in the fandom of my heart. Alicia was a different joy to write, one rather less prickly and, well, a little more featherbrained. I adore The Perilous Gard, so snapping up a pinch hit for this canon was also a lot of fun.

"Run This Town" (Fringe, redverse, ~8,000 words) was a delight, in entirely different ways. I learned a bit about long-form plotting, and how to assess whether your story might be longer than your first estimates. The initial outline started with four or five bullet-points and hit about 1.5 of them before I decided more words weren't getting to more closure. 8k isn't the end of my feelings about mid-to-late s4, who knew.

My favorite fannish accomplishment of the year was to drag other people into watching Fringe. I am super excited about getting two of my fannish friends into season three. It's got the other side and tons of Olivia and case episodes like "Amber 31422". Plus, there's "Marionette" for breaking our hearts and "6B" for the Olivia/Peter blueverse shippers and "Bloodline" for the Olivia/Lincoln redverse shippers* and "The Firefly" for Walter and "Concentrate and Ask Again" for the Olivia/Competence fans and I could go on for much longer, really, about all the things to like about S3.

*I can see how not everyone might get that out of "Bloodlines". But - staying vague, to avoid spoilers - given what I have to work with, I'm okay with my interpretation of canon.

For 2015, the plan is to write all the fic. Rarewomen. Maybe Crossovering. Maybe Jukebox. And oh, there's NPT! There's also Trickortreat. Yuletide. And a ton of Fringe.

Currently active in the WiP folder:
"A Redder Shade of You", the "Run this Town" prequel. There's about 3k written, but it feels like a false start; for one thing, every time I try to write this, words get added at the beginning, backing into S4, not at the end, reaching toward Run.

"Adjunct Talent", Fringe/Young Wizards, about 2k, in beta. These two canons take similar themes and run in different directions, so they're a lot of fun to smash together.

The possible sequel, "Fear Death By Water", is technically not in the works at the moment, beyond very early outlining. The plot is likely to be driven by my suspicion any self-respecting wizard who finds the ZFT manifesto is going to make noises about recognizing Someone's handiwork.


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