Oct. 9th, 2016

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Dear Yuletide writer,

First, thank you! I'll be happy to see new fic for any of these fandoms, about pretty much anything that is not explicitly invoked in my do not wants. These fandoms all speak to something I love. ODAO, character requests should be considered "OR" not "AND".

Stuff I Like: people working together to overcome obstacles, snark and snappy dialogue, banter, darkfic, place as character, postapocalyptic, N Times Characters Did A Thing. Worldbuiling. I have a bulletproof love of competence, including competence at being villainous, and characters finding connections and trusting each other. Add "in bed" to any of this for great shippy times. If crossovers and fusions are your things, bless you, writer. Crossovers and fusions are a joy to me.

Do Not Wants: PWP, bloodplay, coffeeshop AU, high school/college AU, explicit descriptions of sexual assault, cross-generation (May-December) ships, cheating and/or infidelity, violence much more intense than canon-typical levels.

Shippiness is okay, and background pairings, whether F/F, F/M, M/M, are all excellent options. OT3 is one of my favorite solutions to love triangles.

That's it, that's the letter. Everything else is fandom-specific prompting. If you have an idea, go forth, write. If you're looking for ideas, read on.

Parable Series, Octavia Butler )

Sense8 )

Steerswoman Series - Rosemary Kirstein )

Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey )


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