Sep. 27th, 2016

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Interstellar: leaving aside the science quibbles, I would like this movie much more if Cooper or whatshisname the old scientist guy were genderflipped. It takes away a bit of my irritation with the scene where Murphy dismisses her honors for a lifetime of hard work on space travel as "only because I had your help, dad!" It didn't feel like Team Science, it felt like misattribution of credit. Also, I dislike Spielberg's the Spielberg-like manipulation of my feelings. IT'S SAD I GET IT OKAY. ANNE HATHAWAY SHOULD BE THE PARENT, NOT MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. EVEN IF MCCONAUGHEY GIVES ME CONTACT FEELS.

Instead I've been watching The Good Wife, which for many years I avoided because of the title. My mistake! It's political maneuvering, with shades of gray, but unlike House of Cards, I'm invested in the characters.

Blithering about characters, up to about S4. )

I kind of want to do Five People Alicia Florrick Didn't Sleep With (But Perhaps Should Have), but I also... don't? Because more sex doesn't actually solve any of Alicia's problems. What might solve some of Alicia's problems is a social structure that lets her have her political husband and her handsome if feckless lawyer boyfriend on the side, but it doesn't work that way, does it.

It would also be a lot of fun if there were a West Wing crossover, because CJ and Diane would slay me.


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