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Readers who have read Cyteen, and maybe Regenesis, some worldbuilding questions.

1.) How does final tape work? Canon says the general plan is that some fraction of azi will get final tape, become CIT, and generally do all the things CITs do. The only time we see this in canon is Ollie. (I was about to mention 40,000 in Gehenna, but the azi get tape for a new Contract, not final tape. That the Contract is pretty much "have some kids, good luck" doesn't get them out of second-class status.) So, does an azi apply for final tape? Is the offer made by a Supervisor? Are they ordered to take it? Is there a transition period?

2.) How does Cyteen's voting system work? Emancipated adults are in a Bureau; everyone votes for representatives within their Bureau; there are nine Bureaus. Why does State get to be a Bureau; and Science? Do you have the option to change Bureaus? And how do professions get assigned? For example, if you're a researcher in a Defense facility, are you Science, or are you Defense? If you're an office manager for an independent journalist, are you Citizens or Information? (It says early on that Citizens is "labor and farming and small business". Define "labor" and "small business" for me.) If you're retired military, working, as, say, civilian law enforcement, are you still Defense, or do you vote in a new bloc? If you're a merchanter, do you get to vote in Trade elections? (And in that case, can you have dual citizenship / voting rights in the Merchanter's Alliance?)

3.) Anyone who wants to assess the Expansionist/Centrist positions in Cyteen versus Regenesis, with attention to any retcons, go wild in comments.

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I have read both of these books, Cyteen maybe three times, and I can't answer any of your questions.

I'm not sure any of this was addressed in the kind of detail you want. I think you can just assign your characters to whichever voting block makes sense for your plot. There is probably a mechanism for people to switch from one to another if their status changes. The same office probably decides what block a new business is slotted into. Retired military is retired. They're in whatever group they moved into--the ex-military civilian law enforcement character is whatever that would be. Local government? Retired and not working would be a citizen.

I think if someone is working for defense at a high enough level, they're defense, scientists included. Their center of influence and interest would be defense, right? The janitors are probably low level azi and they don't vote.

The office manager would be a citizen unless she is writing or copy-editing or doing some journalistic function. If she wants to vote as information, and her boss is okay with that, there is probably a work around. Incorporate as an information company and make her part owner, based on whatever salary she draws.

People who own a business that employs fewer than ___ number of people are a small business. You can define it however you want. Five, ten, fifty? Whatever works for you. Labor are people who work for other people. They're on someone's payroll. They get a paycheck, they don't make the big decisions.

The merchanters alliance is more like a loose coalition of family-owned companies than a planetary government isn't it? I doubt anyone gets dual citizenship. The Cyteen people would not want merchanters interfering in their business. Planet people and space people do not see eye to eye on much of anything from what I recall. They don't in her other two series, anyway.

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Building at an angle, the exercise of self determination isn't really one of Reseune's core values, is it?

That would be an understatement.

Feel free to bounce ideas off me anytime. I loved Cyteen. It would give me an excuse to wade into it again. I don't remember Reseune that well, truth be told.


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