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I defaulted on Yuletide. I... don't feel great about that.

But I still received a gift. The Flower of Tisarwat is (Imperial Radch, gen, 1461 words) is Tisarwat in the aftermath of Anaander Mianaai's meddling, with poetry as a coping device. Go, read it!

I've also seen the new Star Wars movie. Twice. There is literally nothing I could say that has not already been said.

It's so shiny. It sounds right and looks pretty and I'm pretty sure if I poke at any part of it too hard my glassy-eyed adoration will collapse. But right now I am all about the pretty.

So what was pretty? The sets were pretty. There were a lot of painstaking callbacks to the original trilogy: homage or slavish imitation, take your pick. The casting was amazing. The synthesis of the creative team worked. Maybe it's my imagination that you can see the places Abrams wanted to build in mystery boxes and other people throttled that, but... look! Ep 8 will not be The Search for Skywalker!

TFA also worked really hard to sell me on Finn and Rey, with great success, and it probably didn't mean for me to root for Poe/Finn, but face it: Poe and Finn are adorable. Poe is all, "you're great! You look great in my varsity jacket! You should keep it." Finn looks so happy to have a friend. Two friends! Finn always asks Rey "are you okay?" when Rey is not the one on the ground. Or trying to grab for some human contact. Finn and Rey clearly both need more hugs from each other. If the movie had given me even one scene with Rey, Finn and Poe in the same place, I would be on that OT3 like butter on toast.

I'm pretty heartbroken about Han Solo's final stand. From the moment Han stepped out on that catwalk I saw it coming, because the set design was so very ANH and ESB and Harrison Ford is the most expensive actor on that set and nothing good happens to crusty old mentors in Star Wars, ever, when they confront their wayward kids. (And I might also have to talk about the NJO and how that last bit with Chewie flying the Falcon out of the wreck of the crumbling planet feels like someone had a few feelings about Serpindal. Probably not deliberate... but anyway.)

I'm not ruling out Rey being a misplaced Skywalker kid. I would think Luke would do better than that, but I also would not have thought Luke would run off to Dagobah some random island on a random planet before watching TFA. And I missed that the PTB would let Abrams blow up another planet (or two, plus some moons). But it's my silly hope we'll have a Ladies With Lightsabers day in the next movie. Kathleen Kennedy, can I have Leia and Rey fighting some Knights of Ren, please?

The fannish reaction has been great. Keep up with the Kylo Ren hair jokes, fandom, I'm enjoying them as only the perpetually frizzy-hair-challenged enjoy these things.


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