Mar. 22nd, 2016

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There's now proof that if you say "multiverse" I really will watch absolutely anything.

Never did I think I would say this, but this is a show that would benefit from some characters dropping acid. )

And... I... kind... of... want a Frink-and-Childan noir-ish codependent snippy backbiting forger-and-fence relationship. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in San Francisco.

Frank: You said you sold it for 100,000.
Robert: I did. I did! You got your share.
Frank: *Holds up newspaper* Says in the paper they donated the piece to a museum. Valuation was one hundred *twenty* thousand.
Robert: ...Frank. I... you don't know the value of your work.
Frank: I know you owe me another 12,000 yen.

At some point it comes out that Frank is churning out fakes to fund the resistance, as part of the grand gesture to the Japanese occupation that killed his sister and her kids. Robert's horror at working with an accused Jew (well, Robert would say something less polite). Robert may or may not be slammed against a wall by now. Ahem. Do I trust Frank to do the smart thing, or the self-destructive thing? Ah ha ha did you watch S1.


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