Jun. 24th, 2015

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Dear Crossovering writer,

Thank you! Crossovers are one of my favorite things about reading and writing fic. Please get peanut butter in my chocolate, garnish my orange jucie with mint, go wild with ridiculous ideas you've been looking for an excuse to set loose.

In general, I love genfic, and also enjoy more explict fic too. Background pairings, F/F, F/M, M/M are all excellent options. OT3 is usually my favorite solution to love triangles, and I'm flexible on pairings with one exception: if you're writing Sense8, please don't break up Nomi and Amanita. But adding people to their happiness adds to my happiness.

Do Not Wants: PWP, bloodplay, coffeeshop AU, high school/college AU, explicit descriptions of sexual assault

Pining For: people working together to overcome obstacles, snark, banter, flirtation, people finding common ground, darkfic, postapocalyptic, N Times Crossover Characters Did A Thing.

Fusion or crossover? It's a spectrum, yes to both options.

Above all, have fun. If you know the fandoms you wish to cross and have a story you're burning to write, stop reading and write it! If you're cruising for ideas, have an excessively long prompt list.

Very general starters by canon:

Community: Here's a chance to lampshade tropes in your fandom (thanks Abed!) and bring in some comedy.

Elementary: Sherlock's irregulars encompass many fields of expertise. Imagine Joan walking into the brownstone with a cross-fandom consult in action.

Fringe: altverse version of your favorite characters!

Leverage: the con goes to pieces because the other fandom gets involved, shouting happens, everyone joins forces because Moriarty / Massive Dynamic / this novel's representative of the Lone Power is a problem for both groups. Or, characters have history.

Orphan Black: Someone in your fandom is a clone, or knows someone in the clone club. FYI, I'm a season behind, but don't let that stop you from using the S3 material.

Pacific Rim: who can say "drift compatible" with me?

Sense8: asking for a cluster is a lot to ask. But if you're inspired to write about a psychic connection to seven other people, go for it! Sense8 is very optimistic about people immediately coming together in a cluster and that could be a thing to be affirmed or examined in a crossover.

SGA: Field trip to Atlantis!

The X-Files: ohhh, casefic. Or cases that get taken away (or taken on) by other agencies and organizations.

Young Wizards: character of your choice is a wizard. GO!

Elementary, Fringe, Leverage, Young Wizards: The almost New York pool! )

Fringe, Orphan Black, Pacific Rim, SGA, The X-Files: the mad scientist pool! )

Community, Fringe, Sense8 (TV), The X-Files: Casefic pool, with Community as your comedic ringer. )

Thank you in advance for the wonderful fic you're going to write, I can't wait to read it! Happy crossovering!


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