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Thank you for offering to write fic in my rare fandom. I am thrilled to my toes about this. Optional details are optional! [personal profile] seekingferret said last year, "I just want a story that celebrates what's cool about these fandoms and digs into the gaps and questions what isn't cool... it's the intellectual engagement with the source material that I'm seeking." That is how I feel about these fandoms. And this engagement may be expressed through the medium of crackfic.

If you're into gen, rock on. Gen is buddies. If you're in a porny mood, go for it! Add "in bed" to most of the below to get me hot and bothered. But please keep the knives and blood out of the sex: I am not a big fan of mixing pain and orgasms. Likewise, not so much with the BDSM.

Fandom cliches that have made me happy include kidfic, friendships, N Things, genderflip, darkfic, sedoretu, superpowers, cuddling, backstory, timestamp, apocalyptic... go for it. Treat the canon with love and affection (if not always great reverence), and have fun.

100 Books that SHOULD be written (Any):
I love that this is basically a series of transformative works about life. What a great chance to write 1,000 words about the title that strikes your fancy, or how the book came to be, or what inspired the graphic artist(s) in that universe to make that cover (bonus: alternate history and/or alternate future history), the impact of one (or more) of these 100 (fictional) books on an OC's life (bonus: crossovers), whatever floats your boat. This is a great chance to talk about something you love deeply. (There is a cover for a Dahl novel! For Dawkins! For Tesla and art and the Dalai Lama and Canadian politics. Writer, geek out about gaming the Academy Awards or Morris dancing or emacs vs vm or apocafic - hi, Cormac McCarthy - write what you love.)

If we matched on another fandom which has left you scratching your head, this is a great fallback option. Or if you think this would cross over with another requested fandom, go for it!

Matthew Swift (Penny Ngwenya, Dr Seah, Oda, Nabeela Hirj):
Writer, I asked for four awesome women, and now that I look at the request I am a little puzzled as to how to wedge that much awesome into 1,000 words. Please consider character requests optional.

So my 100% bulletproof narrative thing, which will get me to read almost anything: place as character. The nearly-as-bulletproof thing is messy identity concepts. So, gentle Yuletide Writer, here we are, you and I, with London as character, and We are Swift, and I am the angels. Bullet. Proof.

I love those aspects of the novels. Others I find less cool. If you want to fix this weird pattern where many of the incredibly awesome women keep dying, please do. If you want to have a round of "Oda blows things up, maybe with identity angst" go for it. I beg for the blue electric angels to be involved with the explosions. Or a round of Penny blowing things up? I would be all about The Adventures of Penny Ngwenya, Urban Sorceress. The Penny and Nabeela section of The Minority Council was my favorite part of the novel. How did Dr. Seah wind up a magical medical go-to resource? What does she do when she's not patching up Swift? Or if you love your city, I'm sure a younger Swift visited it. Write a love story about the city of your heart, with magic in the sewers and libraries and crackling in the streetlights, and I will love it forever.

If you want to pull in characters from the Magicals Anonymous novels, go for it! The more the merrier.

Mortal City (Dar Williams) (Any):
I love the progression from isolation to a sense of connection with everyone in the city. I love the word-poem. I love the idea this could spawn a character study, and/or a cuddly vignette, and/or super-futuristic Delaneyesque 25th Century city with genderqueer characters, and/or magical realism. I would love to know how the narrator wound up in this city, or what she and her dinner guest did the next morning, whether she stayed in the city or left or dated this guy and why.

Stargate Universe (Vanessa James, Tamara Johansen, Lisa Park):
I stopped watching SGU halfway into S1, and some time after its cancellation was encouraged to give it another shot. At which point I discovered some of the things I found intensely problematic had been dialed down or were heavy-handed setup for long-term character development. And some completely random items were added - Park/Greer, d'awwww - that I liked. I liked characters forming bonds and fixing the ship - a lot - and the explorations of people's connections in times of uncertainty. But the show - how to say this? - does not always do all that well spreading the narrative wealth across its characters. Women tend to be reactive to things that happen to them - pregnancies, alien kidnappings, random blindness - rather than getting stories that promote agency.

So I'd love stories that connect these characters. Stories where knowing medicine and physics and how to shoot a gun really well or keep your head in are at least as important as who your boyfriend is.

This is a great fandom for sex-positive!Park smut or "fix the McGuffin" (where McGuffin = topic close to the writer's heart) stories. Or TJ + James "sister officers" friendship. Or Park and James connecting on, well, anything. Do they have backstory? Maybe they were in the same SG survival course! Maybe they miss their families! Maybe they both knit! Canon is a bit thin on the ground about what choices brought these characters to Icarus and Destiny, feel free to fill that in.

Valdemar (Stephen): I would love post-Vanyel Stephen and the political machinations he likely gets into to fulfill that thing at the end of "Magic's Price". If that doesn't strike your fancy, (a) OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL, (b) I love all things Tarma and Kethry, (c) I also love all things Savil, including knocking sense into her mopey favorite nephew's head, or hanging out with Vanyel's new (and nearly only) friend.

Please have fun with this prompt and write what you love most about these novels.

I loved Valdemar in my teens. Now I love it for comfort reading, but it has many issues rooted in failing to consider second-order worldbuilding effects, as well as late '80s LGBT failing to translate well 25 (!) years later. Feel free to explore those aspects. Also feel free to write five double-drabbles about Stephen getting into trouble as a Bardic trainee. Or that time Tarma and Kethry communed with some far Northern spirits (because everyone else has made a cameo appearance in the Forest of Sorrows, why not these ladies as well?).

If these prompts work for you, great! If not, write from the heart. Thank you for gracing my fannish life with anything at all in these fandoms.
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