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Dear Yuletide Writer,

We like the same rare fandoms, clearly only good can come of our match-up. And by "good" I may mean interstellar siege warfare, or geeks doing their geeky thing, or creative reconstruction of murder scenes, or maybe some very quirky biology. I will be thrilled to receive pretty much anything that is not explicitly invoked in my do not wants. ETA 11/01: All character requests are intended as "or", not "and".

If you're into gen, rock on. Gen is buddies. If you're in a porny mood, go for it! Add "in bed" to most of the below to get me hot and bothered. But please keep the knives and blood out of the sex: I am not a big fan of mixing pain and orgasms. Likewise, not so much with the BDSM.

A lot of these prompts came out pretty light-hearted. If you are moved to write something about people being messy and human and not that nice, I'm looking forward to reading it.

Fandom cliches that have made me happy include kidfic, friendships, N Things, genderflip, darkfic, sedoretu, superpowers, cuddling, backstory, timestamp, apocalyptic... go for it. If you're familiar with more than one of these fandoms, I'm fine with crossovers or fusions for any of these. Treat the canon with love and affection (if not always great reverence), and have fun.

Alliance-Union - C. J. Cherryh: Damon Konstantin, Elene Quen, Joshua Talley, Signy Mallory
Why hello there, fandom of my heart. While I adore Cyteen, I'm in a mood for the Merchanter's Alliance and Earth Company characters this year. I wouldn't mind a post-War pre-Cyteen story, if you want to just revel in the snippy politics of the Merchanter's Alliance, Union, and Sol. Either internal - imagine Quen and Mallory politicking! - or external. Can you imagine what Alliance would say if Ari said, the military let you have something that wasn't theirs to give, and Reseune wants it back, OMG what have you done with Talley, he's our azi? It might be of those rare occasions that Damon Konstantin and Signy Mallory are on the same oh heck no page.

I want to know what happened post-War that Damon didn't take up his father's post and Elene did. I would not mind Norway backstory at all. I would be absolutely okay with 5 double-drabbles strewn across canon from Heavy Time through Finity's End and on. I will make an exception to "pining is boring" for late Downbelow Station Damon/Elene to the slightly ironic tune of "They Can't Take That Away From Me". Because, of course, a key plot point in DbS is that memory wipes are totally on the table.

(If you are into threesomes, Damon/Josh/Elene is the utterly uncanonical OT3 of my heart. I have this vision of Damon on the "wait, we have to talk about this..." wavelength with two spacers giving him the, "or we could have really hot sex, which would be less intimate and meaningful and way more fun than the way we talked around post-War politics while we killed that bottle of Downer wine" side-eye.)

Cryptonomicon: Amy Shaftoe, Avi Halaby, Charlene, Randall Waterhouse
If it's wrong to want the Charlene POV remix of this novel, I do not want to be right. Charlene gets fairly short shrift as The Ex, she might have some enlightening reflections about hanging out with Randy's crowd for the duration of her relationship, and her secret romance stash. In some way, Charlene's remixing aca-lit crowd reads as One Of Us, I'd love to see five double-drabbles of Charlene and Randy's relationship through the lens of her experiences, or five double-drabbles about her life outside Randy, or a mix. Grad school to tenure track Charlene would be awesome!

I also would love Amy Shaftoe in her own words. As a part Filipinia raised in the Shaftoe clan who bailed on life in the United States to hang out with her dad in the Philipines, what's her feelings about, oh, family, or having an excellent profession like diving and treasure hunting and being as much of a geek as Randy or Avi in her own way. 1,000 words of characters pontificating on the subject matter of your heart in that deadpan "let's connect fiddly minutia to things that could possibly explode" Neal Stephenson style would also be welcome.

Elementary: Joan Watson, Marcus Bell, Ms. Hudson
As I shake the [profile] trickortreatx presents, I am almost embarrassed to ask for more of this. However, I also keep finding awesome snarky gifsets on tumblr which remind me why I love this fandom. I love the snark, I love the improbable cases, I love the Joan-Sherlock relationship. The show does interesting work fleshing out the people around Holmes, but a lot of their interaction still revolves around him. Joan and Marcus have to put up with a lot from Holmes, and maybe deserve some time hanging out without him... but with a case. Perhaps it involves the woefully underused Ms. Hudson? The S2/S3 hiatus? Or there's hanging out at the brownstone with these three characters. Or if you want to meet word count with triple-drabble-ish fashion about things these character do off the clock, as it were, go for it.

Mirabile: Annie Jason Masmajean, Leonev Opener Denness, Susan (Mirabile)
I adore this world. It's cute and fluffy and warm and affectionate! I love that Annie is a happy middle-aged-ish professional woman with a passion. I love the general affection canon has for the kids as they learn and grow. While I would deeply appreciate a casefic incorporating biological twists (ha. ha.) uncovered since these stories were written, I would also be fine with Annie and Leo sipping mint juleps and necking, or more than necking. I love the recognition that childraising is a job, and watching Susan and her cohort growing up, and Annie and Leo's sickeningly cute courtship. The man got her a kangaroo rex, wasn't that great? I wonder what he would get her for the Mirabilian Christmas or Christmas-ish winter gift=giving.

If we matched elsewhere and you're getting stuck, Mirabile is a quick read, which should be available from a local library or through inter-library loan.
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