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Kalinda has many fuckbuddies, and very few intimate friends. Alicia is one of them... actually, Alicia may be her only friend, in the early seasons.

If you need a nudge to get into TGW, I will shamelessly nudge. It does lovely drama, and remembers its own history. It lets the characters range across shades of gray. The alliances and antagonists change over time, in fairly organic ways... though David Lee will always be, bless you, predictable abrasive David Lee. I like the show best when it's got all the plots in the air - whatever is going on with Peter and the Illinois political scene, the lawyer team tackling the case of the week, Florrick family drama, and whatever schemes are bedeviling the firm's internal politics - because the writing and acting come together very well. The show doesn't forget it's named after a woman, and heavily salts the show with interesting female roles. It's been criticized for its handling of race, and I don't think it's the show to watch for a nuanced embrace of non-vanilla sexuality.

Getting back to the pluses, there are the guest stars. Carrie Preston nets a recurring guest role as a brilliant if slightly scattershot lawyer, and plays it wonderfully. Stockard Channing plays Alicia's mom! Michael J. Fox gets to be one of the fleet of colorful opposing counsel guest stars, like Martha Plimpton. Renée Elise Goldsberry shows up for the state attorney's office. And do not get me started on the judges, who get to have their own quirks.

Short version: it's worth watching.
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