Sep. 27th, 2015

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Raspberryhunter: POI or Leverage?
Me: If you catch a couple of episodes of Leverage, you know enough for casual beta. POI has a lot more time-specific character info to track.
Me: S4 is also Fringe levels of hot mess.
Me: And then there is Harold, who... oh.

(Someone pauses to recall the one with the AI learning to be a person and the human/AI interface issues and the flashbacks which everyone in this conversation ate up with a spoon.)

Me: Yes, I think I can talk you into enjoying POI.

Once upon a time a man saw his country rocked to its knees and said, "what we need is an all-seeing artificial intelligence to prevent this from ever happening again."

So he built one and made sure it found its way to the US government, which is well known for its responsible use of surveillance powers.

As plans go, this wasn't quite up there with "and now I will steal my son from another universe", but the burden of these actions put it in shouting distance.

The hard sell, with general spoilers. )

Watching POI
The first three seasons are on Netflix. Picking a handful of POI episodes that will hook someone is like asking for the best intro eps to The Wire. It's ideal to start with the pilot and revel in the unfolding arc, but that's a lot of TV to ask friends to watch.

Here's a tentative set list for The Machine And Root Show. This throws The John And Harold Are MFEO Show under the bus, and also there are only flashing glimpses of the Joss Carter Could Keep Up with Olivia Dunham Show. But S1 sets up everything else, and I am weak in the face of good acting, so I've got semi optional episodes in parentheses.

If I've forgotten something obvious ([personal profile] kerithwyn? Drive-by fans reading this?) please throw in Root- and Machine-significant episodes I've missed. "Significant" as in plot, because yes, it breaks my heart that the Eggs Benedict; and Grace; and Carter reporting Reese to the feds; and the rooftop scene didn't make the first cut.

...okay, I'm putting the roof back in. There are other events in 2x13 that play a part in the Machine arcs.

Season One )

Season Two )

Check in again after 2x16 for what to watch next.

Useful links:
Person of Interest IMDb page

The Person of Interest Crack Van summary is dated, but includes character pics.


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