May. 10th, 2015

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Oh right, [community profile] rarelywritten doesn't have an anon period.

For [community profile] rarelywritten I received ASTRID FIC. Astrid is so often a supporting character in Fringe canon and fanfic I am always thrilled when she gets the spotlight. [personal profile] kerithwyn delivered, writing the first chapter of "The Secret Life of Astrid Farnsworth", covering Astrid's experiences during the Fringe pilot. I'm still thinking about the title: on the one hand, her work life is a secret from the rest of her life. On the other hand, her personal life is something that very rarely is touched on in canon, so in some senses that's the "secret" life. Either way, I'm pleased to see this fic in the world, and excited to see what [personal profile] kerithwyn does with upcoming chapters (and would be happy to beta, cough).

I got [personal profile] minutia_r's request for Elene Quen, with a request for OT3.

After hemming and hawing and tearing up several drafts, including the thing which kicked off with three plot arcs and four named OCs in the first thousand words, I wrote OT3. "2379" is 1,900 words Damon/Elene/Josh setup, because I have all these feelings and meta on this topic.

tl;dr with lots of Downbelow Station spoilers. )

Fringe fans, if you're reading any of this and applying it to adventures in multiverse multi-timeline identity issues... yep. It's difficult to do a straight up Cherryh/Fringe crossover, because the timelines don't align well, but thematically, or as a fusion? The possibilities are terrifying awesome no actually they're terrifying, imagine Ari and Walter cutting deals between Reseune and Defense, and that one deal for Peter Bishop PR, or better yet don't.


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