Sep. 14th, 2014

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Dear trick or treat writer,

Thank you so much for write in a fandom I love.

First, a lot of this is "or", not "and". If multiple elements or characters fit, go for it. If not, don't sweat it.

I like plot, snappy dialogue, a strong sense of place, sex that says something about the character(s) (or awkward admissions about sex, ahem Vir "we have six" Cotto), "day in the life" snapshots, stories about connections between characters. I have a bulletproof love of comptetence, even if it's competence at being sinister. This year's fannish theme seems to be family, blood or built, so if you are in that sort of mood? Rock it. If you are familiar with more than one of these fandoms, and are moved to write a crossover, rock it.

I'm neutral on season-appropriate stories. If you want to tell a creepy ghost story, go for it, but don't feel compelled to shove pumpkins (sugary or exploding) where pumpkins aren't fitting.

Tropes I have no time for: whump, self harm, romantic pining, coffeeshop AUs, high school AUs. My big do not want: if you're in a porny mood, please keep the knives and blood out of the sex. I'm not interested in mixing pain and orgasms. Noncon is also on the "do not want" list.

Other than that, have fun! Or scare me silly, your pick.

Babylon 5: Alfred Bester, Vir Cotto, Delenn, Sofie Ivanov, Susan Ivanova
I love when B5 is plotty with Delenn politicking and reshaping the known universe because she is on fire with the righteous purity of her cause. I love every character's shades of grey (Delenn may be righteous, but she never did mention igniting the Earth Minbari war to her husband, did she?). I love all things Susan Ivanova: her mother-daughter Issues, her telepath issues, her professional comptetence and awkward romantic history. I love Vir trying to figure out this "aide to a powerful man" thing, sometimes comically, sometimes tragically.

Elementary (TV): Marcus Bell, Alfredo Llamosa, Joan Watson (Elementary)
This fandom does a great job fleshing out the people around Holmes, but a lot of their interaction still revolves around him. These are three people who have to put up with a lot from Holmes, and maybe deserve some time hanging out without him... but with a case. Or if you want to meet word count with three drabbles about things these character do off the clock, as it were, go for it.

Fringe: Henrietta "Etta" Bishop, Walter Bishop, Olivia Dunham, Astrid Farnsworth
My heart breaks at the sad under-use of Astrid in the show. Fic writer, please help fix this. Maybe Olivia and Astrid in pre-S4 amberverse? The wacky and occassionally terrifing adventures of Astrid and Walter in the lab? Plus, the multiverse setup offers a lot of scope for triple drabbles in this fandom. Red/blue/amberverse Astrid! If you're not in an Astrid mood, there's a lot of gaps in canon to fill in. Etta-Olivia mother-daughter bonding. Or Walter-Etta, that could be super cute. Or not, see also canon postapocalyptic AU.


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